The 4 days double gorilla tour in Bwindi forest offers tourists an opportunity to go gorilla tracking in Bwindi national park twice. With a double gorilla trek, you have the freedom to visit 2 different gorilla families both offering a unique kind of terrain and varying characteristics of families.

The first encounter with gorillas is mostly shock and mixed feelings and the one hour goes by very fast. The second encounter offers you a more relaxed experience with the gorillas as you already have a good idea of what to expect. There is no description over the internet that can prepare you for your first gorilla encounter as it differs from person to person.

Day 1; pick up from kigali- transfer to bwindi national park

Your guide will pick you from your hotel and be ready to drive crossing the border into Uganda driving to bwindi national park. Depending on your pickup time, you will have a tour of kigali city and the gisozi genocide memorial site.

Dinner and overnight at your lodge

Day 2; mountain gorilla trekking –transfer to mgahinga gorilla national park

Have abreakfast at your hotel,and with apacked snack,set off for the bwindi head offices for briefing. After a comprehensive overview from one of the head guides about what to expect during your gorilla trekking adventure ,you will split into groups of 8 people for which gorilla family you will be tracking .if you need asimple hike,inform your guide before the briefing so that he helps speak to the tracker to select for you earlier to stablish actual location of the gorilla group is as their collegues go into enough not to need ahand up having someone else to carry your backpack makes it much easier as you hike .

You start your hike with your guide and two guards as the forest is home to several other primates like Uganda wildlife authority offers you an opportunity to go back into the forest at half price.

Chances of seeing gorillas on your trek are high and guaranteed but just incase you fail to see them .The Uganda wildlife authority offers you an opportunity to go back into the forest at half price.

Your guide will signal you as you approach the gorilla as so you prepared to meet your gorilla a family. It’s amazing seeing them ,its mixed feels ,as they are usually relaxed as they you go about their day with the babies climbing to their mothers, the silverback gorilla always on watch for the group ,quite evident that ‘’his the man’’

A gorilla family comprises of 10-30members of gorilla with varying ages and can have more than 1 silver back but headed by the domination oldest silverback.

You get to spend just one hour with the gorillas after which you hike back to the starting point where you will receive certificates of acknowledgment that you aided gorilla conservation in Bwindi forest.

Return to your hotel for lunch and an afternoon rest, and late evening head out to visit the Batwa pygmies communities which are just neighboring the park. These where the former forest inhabitants who were evicted out of the forest in order to conserve mountain gorillas and their habitant.  You will have a chance to interact with them and learn about their cultures.

Dinner and overnight at your lodge.

Day 3: Second gorilla trekking in Bwindi
Dinner and Overnight at Rushaga gorilla camp.

Day 4: Departure
Wakeup at leisure depending on your flight time, and drive back to Kagali with drop off at either your hotel or airport.

End of Tour