DRC which is originally known as Zaire, shares boarders Uganda to the west and Rwanda to the North West. Its tourism is not as developed as the two countries talked about above because it has a very and unpredictable existence right from war rendering it politically unstable and also diseases that do recur even presently Ebola has been rendering it a major scare for tourists. This has led to so many travel advisories on the DRC but in time of calm, the country has got attractions for those with interest to visit.

Nyiragongo volcano is an attraction not to miss out while in Congo, this covers and forms a skyline of Goma. Its history is recent as it erupted in 2011 causing a lot of destruction forming a lava lake. This can be taken on while hiking to the top of the volcano. Virunga national park has the endangered mountain gorillas forming the last strong of these gentle giants other than Bwindi, Mgahinga and volcanoes. Its gorillas tacking permits are the cheapest of all the three countries therefore can be very good options.